Technological progress is going at a dizzying pace and has a universal reach that produces adaptive solutions on the part of organizations. New technologies change processes, make operations of various kinds easier and generate a transformation incompetences and Human Resources departments. Although technology is an element that is not directly linked to the human resources system, it has a profound influence on the management of these, especially for these reasons:

Inefficiencies are eliminated.

Duplicate jobs are warned and discarded.

Everything that does not add value is dispensed with.

Services are outsourced if it comes out more profitable.

When talking about human resources technology, it is based on different points of view:

The computer applications linked to the integrated management of people, with different software of current validity within the market, which offer results that encompass multiple processes, such as the selection of personnel, hiring, training, and training, job analysis and description, security, benefit plans … (Meta4, Peoplesoft, SAP, Oracle, etc.).


The significant advance of telecommunications and the transmission of information, creating new labor relations at a distance and significantly reducing personal contact. It is progress that has allowed for no delays, practically no errors and the number of offices to decrease.

Robotics, developing constant and progressive changes in production processes, transforming the profile of occupations and reducing the employment rate.

The purpose of the functions of the Human Resources department in this section is to be responsible for facilitating the talent and added value that human capital brings to the institution. For this, it is necessary that most departments redefine their functions and incorporate other elements, such as the automation of workflows, the Internet network, the implementation of shared services by employees and managers, intranet, etc.

The implementation of information technologies in a company is not always a sign of improvement. The fundamental thing is to have a defined, quantifiable and visible objective regarding decision-making (in what to invest, how and how much).

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