When looking for appropriate technological solutions, corporate firms try to increase the capital of the company towards an optimal return on investment. Aspects such as functionality, flexibility in solutions or the possibility of increasing employee productivity are the most sought after. We try to find multi-platform solutions that flow over any database, with the aim of solving general problems regarding the company’s human resources. Likewise, the government agencies that are responsible for processing affiliation documents (hiring, registration, and removals in the Social Security …) have also developed electronic administrative systems requiring, besides, that companies perform these procedures in the same way.

New Technologies Used


It includes a secure area that contains the so-called labor force processes (personal data, payroll, time management, benefits …). However, currently, its movement is aimed at more strategic areas for human resources: recruitment, training, training, performance evaluations, compensation and, ultimately, the retention of talent.


It is a company that provides a complete tool whose primary objective is to promote the productivity of the company so that it perceives that investment in human resources is necessary. It covers solutions that range from improving the work environment to managing and retaining talent. Likewise, Meta4 has specific mechanisms to reward the loyalty of traditional customers.


The company that provides human resources solutions that make it possible to manage business processes, which range from entry into the employee template to retirement, based on Internet applications.


Fast, simple and low-cost software that has high functionality, based on the reduction of administrative procedures, the streamlining of people management and methods to involve workers more productively.


As already mentioned, these are internal corporate networks that have potent tools that disseminate the information of the company to employees with full efficiency, ensuring that they are continuously informed about the news and the company’s data.


The steady emergence of the Internet has led to the search of applicants through the network. The publication of job offers by recruiting companies is a way to multiply the number of job applications that are received, also offering a global reach. In this way, forms such as e-recruiting have emerged, which allow an automatic choice to be made according to predefined criteria. Undoubtedly, these applications have made it possible to receive, classify and choose applicants with clear benefits regarding cost and time.


This solution provides tools to find, extract and study data related to human capital. The traditional functions of elimination and monitoring of documentation were added, progressively, other more advanced, such as the processing of skills. Among other products, this provider offers an application that allows analyzing the workforce, budgets, salaries, and hiring.

To conclude, it should be noted that for a company to prosper it has to draw up a plan that makes it possible to face volatility. Today, workers and managers not only positively recognize new technologies, but also demand them. Gradually, employees expect efficient, innovative and simple to use solutions. However, it is not just about selecting a specific technology and waiting, but it is also essential to know what to do with it, and to know what utility it will offer to the Human Resources department of any company.

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