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Management Of The Human Captain

Apart from the process of recruitment and selection of personnel for jobs, the latest technologies also streamline the management of staff and career or career of employees. On the one hand, e-learning allows newly incorporated employees to join and integrate quickly and economically with the company. On the other hand, programs have appeared that make it easier for large corporations to monitor and analyze the progress of all personnel continuously; a process of great economic cost when done manually, given the enormous amount of data that is being shuffled.

Once the competencies of all employees have been determined, it is convenient to start up the corresponding training plan. This is developed in an individualized manner, an issue that is categorically attended by new educational concepts such as e-learning: free software platforms for training and training employees through the Internet. This kind of virtual learning enables users’ interactions with the material, through the use of a series of computer tools.

Another issue that worries companies is the flight of knowledge that, inevitably, involves the rotation of human personnel. To do this, it is very efficient to create management records of the instruction and skills, that is, the storage of all the information that employees have. Regarding resource management, the human capital management department can rely on new computer applications to create payrolls, assign personalized rewards, etc.

New technologies have created new ways of relating to employees, known as B2E (Business to Employee or, which is the same, from company to employee). One of the most essential tools is the Portal of the Company, which is an internal website (intranet) for workers, which contains all the data and mechanisms necessary for the proper performance of each of the tasks within the company. This system seeks to recognize the lowest links of workers their value within the company, encouraging the involvement of employees when making decisions, and providing vital elements of the organizational structure of the company. In this sense, bi-univocal mentoring has also emerged; not only the most veteran train the most innovative but the new additions bring their knowledge about technological developments to veteran employees.

A part of this series of applications, which has many advantages, is the Employee Portal, where the same workers can collect information and share it with the Human Resources department, such as aspects related to the work calendar, entry time and of departure, days off, justifications, among many other data. In this way, appropriate monitoring is ensured by both parties of the recruiting firm, which benefits from streamlining the processes of information introduction, problem solving, supervision, and validation. Ultimately, this kind of solutions, regarding access control, calendar, schedules and other data from the employee portal is a practical and strategic investment in what concerns the proper management of human resources.